Meetings Update
Documents on Project Meeting 1 (PM1) online Link


Doc ID Title Time
D1 TN describing the
work performed in WP1000
T0 + 4
D2 Description of data
& models to be used in subsequent tasks
T0 + 4
D3 Report on selection
and justification of test areas
T0 + 4
D4 TN describing the
work performed in WP2000
T0 + 12
D5 Test and validation report T0 + 12
D6 TN describing the
work performed in WP3000
T0 + 13
D7 Connected global tide
gauges including trend analysis for selected epoch
T0 + 13
D8 TN describing the
work performed in WP4000
T0 + 17
D9 Final report T0 + 18
D10 Summary report T0 + 18
D11 Technical datapackage T0 + 18
D12 Contract Closure Summary Contract Closure


D1: TechReportWP1_MAR2016_v1.pdf

D2: TechReportWP1300D2_Aug2016_v5.pdf

D3: TechReportWP1300D3_Mar2016_v4.pdf

D4: TechReportWP2100D4_Jun2017.pdf

D5: TechRepWP2200D5_Aug2017.pdf

D6: TechReport_WP3_D6_Coastal_MDT.pdf

D7: TechReportWP3400D7_Jul2017.pdf

D8: TechReport_WP4_D8_Impact+Roadmap.pdf

D10: Summary_report_Nov2017.pdf

Appendices for D4

Appendix A: User manual

Appendix B: User tutorial

Appendix C: Data manual